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Spay and Neuter: Where - Low Cost Options

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Most people ask their regular veterinarian to spay or neuter their pets. If you have trouble affording the procedures, try these steps:

1. Call your local animal shelter.
It may operate a clinic or know of a local clinic that offers subsidized services. It may also offer vouchers to have your pet spayed or neutered at a lower cost by local cooperating private veterinarians. You can find the name and number of your local shelter in the Yellow Pages of your phone book under "animal shelter," "humane society," or "animal control," or by calling Information.

2. Call SPAY/USA.
SPAY/USA is a national spay/neuter referral network that may be able to direct you to subsidized spay/neuter clinics in your area. SPAY/USA can be reached at 1-800-248-SPAY (1-800-248-7729) or you can visit their website.

3. Call your veterinarian.
Your veterinarian may be able to work out special financing options for you. Remember that, even if you pay full price for the procedures, spaying or neutering is a one-time cost with a lifetime of benefits. Spaying or neutering your pet not only helps curb pet overpopulation but also reduces your pet's risk of succumbing to many health problems. It remains one of the best bargains in animal health care.

4. Visit the Pets 911 website.
Pets 911 is an online resource for pet guardians and those looking to adopt a pet. Their online database can provide you with information on veterinarians, special clinics, and other spay/neuter resources in your area.

Low Cost Spay And Neutering Options for you:

SPAY/USA is a national referral service for the public regarding low cost spay/neuter programs. By calling their toll-free number, 1-800-248-SPAY, you will receive information about the nearest low-cost program and will be sent a certificate as proof you have gone through the SPAY/USA network. We have over 900 programs and clinics nationwide with about 7,500 top-notch veterinarians in the network as of mid-1998.

Feline Rescue
USA programs that provide low cost or free spay/neuter for pet cats and dogs, as well as strays and ferals are listed by state and in states which have many resources listed by county and by area code. There are also some US nationwide programs. Some programs work only with pets of people with low incomes, while others do not consider income at all but serve only pet cats -- or only feral (untamed) cat. Some other programs serve all kinds of people and cats. If that information was provided to us it is noted below the listing.
Low cost or free spay/neuter programs in every state but North Dakota, South Dakota or Wyoming.

Call the Friends of Animals spay/neuter hotline, and they will send you a list of participating veterinarians in your area -and an order form for your low cost spay/neuter certificate.

Rural Area Veterinary Services (RAVS)
The Humane Society of the United States' Rural Area Veterinary Services (RAVS) is a non-profit program bringing free veterinary services to under served rural communities around the globe, whether in La Paz, Bolivia or Bell County, Kentucky. Volunteer veterinary students work with experienced veterinarians to provide essential animal health services such as sterilizations and vaccinations, as well as educational programs on a variety of topics including disease prevention and humane animal care.

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